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Meet Matt Jaffe

Matt Jaffe is a real estate attorney based in Washington, D.C. whose broad real estate practice enables him to play a significant role in a variety of real estate transactions, including commercial and residential real estate acquisitions and dispositions and commercial leasing, to name a couple. His understanding of both sophisticated legal and business issues pertaining to real estate enables him to play a significant role in the completion of all real estate transactions.

Matt specializes in drafting and negotiating commercial lease agreements and assisting in the resolution of commercial lease disputes. He has represented institutional and individual landlords and tenants of office, retail, and industrial properties for leased premises consisting of thousands and hundreds of thousands of square feet.



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Specialized Areas


The primary goal of owners of office buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial properties is to achieve a high occupancy rate by filling up vacant spaces with new tenants and keeping existing tenants. Once agreements with prospective and existing tenants to this effect are reached, landlords require the execution of lease agreements to memorialize these agreements. Whether you are a landlord who already has a form lease or a landlord who requires one, Matt Jaffe Law can help. We not only draft and negotiate new lease agreements with tenants, but we also prepare agreements needed for lease renewals, premises expansions and contractions, lease assignments and subleases, and lease terminations.


If you are a new company that needs new office or retail space, or if you are an existing company looking to relocate from a current space, we can help make this process smooth for you. Typically, commercial tenants receive form lease agreements from landlords that are intended to govern their tenancy. These agreements can not only seem overwhelming due to their length and complexity, but they can also have major legal and economic impacts on a business. For these reasons, most companies hire an attorney to review the form lease they have been given and to provide comments to the landlord. Matt Jaffe Law has extensive experience reviewing lease agreements for tenants, spotting significant issues, and negotiating the lease accordingly. We also provide representation for tenants desiring to renew, assign, or terminate their existing lease.


Unfortunately, landlord-tenant relationships often result in disputes when one party breaches the lease agreement by failing to honor its contractual obligations. For landlords, such disputes typically require the engagement of an attorney to pursue a tenant for missed rent payments and, sometimes, to pursue an eviction. Similarly, for tenants, lease disputes require representation by an attorney to respond to the claims asserted by the landlord and to formulate a strategy. Matt Jaffe Law represents both landlords and tenants who find themselves in these types of situations and need an attorney to help them prevail.